Waterberg Distilleerders is nestled in the heart of the Waterberg region, an area steeped in rich history and natural diversity. From the first ancient tribes to the Dutch pilgrims who mistakenly thought they had reached Egypt, the towering sandstone cliffs and wide open grasslands have always drawn the human spirit.

A father and his three sons work this land together, determined, proud, and inspired by the beautiful land they call home.

Natural spring water and arable soil make it ideal for the cultivation of potatoes, and it is from these potatoes, handgrown by the Van der Walt family, that our fine vodka is created. Artisinally distilled, finely crafted and handmade. From the ground to the bottle, just the way premium vodka should be.

Clean and earthy, with grassy undertones and a touch of sweetness. Just like the Waterberg.

Wild at Heart

Light up your tastebuds with our smooth, artisanally distilled, hand-crafted vodka.

Waterberg Vodka – Fiercely crafted for the Wild at Heart, just the way Africa intended…

The Story Behind the Vodka

In 2015 the Waterberg team saw a problem as potato farmers but an opportunity as entrepreneurs. The problem? No potato vodka was being produced in South Africa and that less than 3% of the world’s vodka was being made from potatoes. The only true way to produce vodka.

It is however the most expensive and challenging way to produce vodka, due to the distilling techniques and equipment required.

As one of the largest and most productive potato farms in South Africa, the decision was made to take up the challenge. We experimented with a variety of machinery and recipes to master our process and find the perfect recipe. The task was not an easy one, as no one in South Africa had done it before, so information and equipment was limited. This was a challenge that the pioneers, of the first hand crafted potato vodka in the country, had to face.

It took the Waterberg team just over three years to perfect our distilling process, before the first bottle was filled and ready to ship to consumers. The result; a bottled experience of the sweet side of Africa.

Waterberg Vodka, crafted to perfection, farm to bottle – True Potato Vodka